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Lean Six Sigma is made up of the world’s two most famous management approaches, Lean and Six Sigma. Lean is best known for the waste management system, and Six Sigma is for procedure management. These methodologies together make the best approaches.

They help you provide value to the customer, reduce waste, improvement, and less production time. It means you can remove non-value-adding activities and deliver better to your customers. In a nutshell, with Lean Six Sigma, you can boost your business and or career.

And if you want to make this possible, contact Lean Six Sigma Experts of Alabama. In this article, you’ll find some details about the most extensive belt known as the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. If you’re interested, read along.

LSS Alabama-Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

What is Lean Six Sigma Black Belt?

The lean sigma black belt holder is the one who understands and helps others understand the six-sigma philosophies, agreements, and principles. It also helps in understanding team spirit, dynamics, and leadership. For having an impact on an organization, you need to know how to get everyone involved.

Because getting people involved helps you create ownership. This certification not only teaches you analytical tools but also helps you understand them statistically. This enables you to understand the vicissitudes of your company more efficiently. It makes you and your company more robust and better.

Let’s understand some facts about the Lean Sig Sigma Black belt by answering some common questions people have.

Ans. You should have a proper and thorough understanding of the DMAIC model i.e.

  • Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control in conformance with the principles. You have to follow these, and as a result, you will be able to solve many different problems.
  • You should also have basic knowledge of lean concepts, and you should be able to define and identify the not-value-adding or so-called waste products or services. Therefore, you will not only be good in statistics but also in leadership and waste management.

Ans. Waste means the products or actions that do not provide any benefit. This can include the products that customers do not like, the actions that do not help the company grow, or the unnecessary steps.

Ans. The six-sigma black belt is the most advanced level of Six Sigma. If you are determined to get certified and are studying and preparing, you can quickly get this. Nevertheless, if you do not even know about this certification, then you will need our help.

Lean Six Sigma Experts of Alabama will help you understand this belt. We are professional trainers and consultants who can help you know and understand more clearly about this belt and help you achieve the master black belt.

Ans. This certification or level is provided to those who possess excellent leadership qualities and management qualities. The master black belt holders are experts in every field. They have complete knowledge of the Lean Six Sigma standards.

They also are the toppers of the certification test. However, there are specific requirements that you need to fulfill before getting Master Black Belt, which is not that easy to complete. But we can help you quickly understand and help you achieve the master black belt. Some of the requirements are:

  • Work experience of 5 years or more
  • The candidate should have completed 8-10 different six-sigma levels

Ans. Yes, getting a lean six sigma black belt is worth it. This certification makes you an expert in Lean Six Sigma principles and helps you benefit your company or employer. This helps you in less wastage, more production, and best management and process cycles.

It also helps you to save money, time, and products, reduce wastage, and enables you to become the best. With this certification, you can measure your performance, analyze your developments, improve quality, and control wastage. Overall, this is worth it.

Ans. Its cost is $438 for the members and $538 for non-members. Please make sure that these prices change from time to time. Also, first, you need to pay for the exam and then for the training. So, the final cost can vary from this one. To know about the exact prices, contact Lean Six Sigma Expert of Alabama.

What are the benefits of black belt sigma certification?

The main advantages of this certification are as follows: 

Increased profits– It helps you to maintain and increase the profits and the productivity of your company. As with this belt you can manage problems better and save money, it will automatically boost your revenue and profits.

Simplified procedures– This certification allows you to know more about the flaws and help you simplify the process of production. It provides you a proper framework and helps you follow it so that you can be the best.

Reduction in mistakes– A proper framework helps you reduce the errors and incidents, which helps you decrease the production time. This helps you to know more about the plans that are to be and not to be implemented.

Better Opportunities: For you, as an individual, this belt can bring numerous opportunities. More employers will want to work with you.  

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