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An organization, small or large, has to make sure that minimal is wasted to ensure profits. Otherwise, there’ll be a loss of both finances and productivity. And this is not something you want to happen. This is the reason companies and individuals are opting for Lean Six Sigma principles.

You can think of LSS as a mix of numerous small principles to ensure your company’s success. So, if you want to ensure success, your company should implement Lean Six Sigma principles. This always helps organizations to manage better and improve.

If you’re in Montgomery and want help with LSS, contact Lean Six Sigma Experts of Alabama. And for more info, read along.

LSS Alabama -Montgomery-AL

What is Lean Six Sigma certification?

This certification is made up of two different methodologies. One is Lean that helps you manage and reduce the waste, i.e., the non-valuable possessions to the customers or company. Lean enables you to decrease wastage and increase the value of the products to the customers.

On the other hand, Six Sigma helps you know your true potential and helps you understand the different plans and structures to ensure your company’s growth. They both altogether clean and helps in managing all the aspects within the organization.

You should know that Lean Six Sigma certification involves belts. As an individual, you have to register for a belt and prepare for the exam, and if you pass, you can achieve the belt/certification. Here are some Lean Six Sigma belts we can help you with.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt: This is one of the toughest belts to achieve. However, it’s equally valuable. Black belt certified have complete knowledge of the processes and techniques in the LSS. They are answerable only to master belt holders. Such professionals have the power to lead an entire project.

Also, such professionals usually take up managerial roles. If you want to scale your career or want better leaders for your organization, LSS black belt is a great belt to achieve.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt: It is just like the black belt but less superior. They usually lead the teams as team leaders and work under black belts. Also, the certification exam is of intermediate difficulty.

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt: Yellow belt certified are just like route tellers but do not do any project independently. They only guide people. They know the services but do not provide them.

Lean Six Sigma high school curriculum: This is a program that provides a proper framework to the high schools. They help them understand and the curriculums and framework to the high school to help them properly.

To understand these certifications and achieve them, you need someone as professional as Lean Six Sigma experts of Alabama.

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