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Lean six-sigma is two primary methodologies that help you manage your company. Six-sigma is all about reducing the variations or enhancing the process, whereas lean enables you to drive out the waste that is non-value adding and promotes work standardizations.

This makes up the world’s most value-adding and managing methodology, i.e., Lean Six-sigma. Not all manufacturing activities in the company add value to the product, so these activities are a waste for the company because they do not enhance the product’s value.

This process improvement methodology is designed to eliminate problems, remove debris, inefficiency, and improve working conditions to provide a better framework. It combines the tools, methods, and principles of lean and six-sigma that make up a robust methodology for improving your organization’s operations.

LSS Alabama-Lean Six Sigma Consulting

But how can you achieve all these benefits that come along with Lean Six Sigma? Well, this is why we’re here. Lean Six Sigma Experts of Alabama is a full-service Lean Six Sigma training and consulting company. We help companies like yours in implementing Lean Six Sigma mythologies in your system.

Why do you need Lean Six Sigma Consulting?

Lean Six Sigma is a methodology or a framework with numerous small processes, aspects, and factors that you need to consider. Otherwise, neither you’ll be able to implement the strategies nor achieve Lean Six Sigma’s purpose.

However, if you have a Lean Six Sigma consultant like Lean Six Sigma Experts of Alabama, the entire process can sound like a piece of cake. It’s because Lean Six Sigma consultants have the experience, skills, and resources necessary to ensure Lean Six Sigma principles best implementation.

He knows what processes are to be implemented to remove waste, reduce variation, and ensure profit to your company. It’s the reason companies hire Lean Six Sigma consultants like us. If you want to enjoy Lean Six Sigma’s benefits but don’t want the unnecessary hassle, connect with our consultants.

Also, refer below to find what benefits can we help you achieve: 

Benefits of correctly implementing Lean Six Sigma principles

Better finances

You can find numerous proofs of the financial benefits of applying Lean Six Sigma principles in companies. Giants like GE, Honeywell have posted numerous reports stating the amounts they saved on large projects. On average, a large project saves somewhere around $70,000.

This number indicates how beneficial Lean Six Sigma can be. It helps in removing waste and reducing variation along with eliminating defects. All this amounts to better finances.

Customer Satisfaction

When you have processes as effective as Lean Six Sigma, your customers start to trust you more. When more of your employees are certified to various Lean Six Sigma belts, they assure good quality to the customers.

Better Confidence in Employees

One thing that you can do to add value to your company and your employee’s careers is to help them achieve green, yellow or black belt. When your employee learns new techniques to solve problems that work, it boosts morale and builds self-confidence. And this is good for your firm.

Better strategic approach 

Be it any company or sector; problems are everywhere. However, people follow a generic approach for solving every unique problem. And this is why companies/firms are unable to solve most problems. But if you have black or green belt professionals, they can solve problems more strategically, saving you time.

Competitive Advantage 

When you follow better practices, you’ll automatically see the difference between your company and your competitors. They’ll be struggling with old problems while your company will be moving up the ladder beyond their reach.

If you want the above benefits, hire an LSS consultant from Lean Six Sigma Experts of Alabama now!

Common questions about LSS for deeper understanding

Ans. This is a two-method complement working together to identify waste and error responsibly than using just one method at a time. This provides an extensive set of tools for improving manufacturing productivity.

This helps the industry to increase revenue, reduce costs. This certification focuses on increasing quality and reducing costs, waste, and variation. Many companies chose to ignore the role of quality and management in their regular operations and product offerings. It is important to outline the impacts that such ideologies will negatively affect your companies’ image.

Ans. Find the advantages of Lean Six Sigma below.

  • Reduces the process cycle time
  • Eliminates the chance of defect generation
  • Reduces inventory levels
  • Optimize the resources
  • Reduction in the number of defective products and services provided results in greater customer satisfaction

Ans. There are eight types of waste:

  • Defects- waste originating from your mistakes and incidents that happen during manufacturing.
  • Overproduction- this waste is originated from extra production of the products that can cause harm to your company.
  • Waiting- this means the time wasted on instructions or instructions that can reduce the preparation type.

Ans. You should have a proper and thorough understanding of the DMAIC model i.e.

Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control in conformance with the principles. You have to follow these, and as a result, you will be able to solve many different problems.

You should also have a basic knowledge of lean concepts, and you should be able to define and identify the not-value-adding or so-called waste products or services. Therefore, you will not only be good in statistics but also at the leadership and waste management

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We are professional trainers and consultants that can help you understand and achieve these certifications easily and quickly. We provide the best services regarding the LEAN SIX-SIGMA standards in Alabama. We provide top and timely services.

We emphasize mainly quality and timely services. Your satisfaction is our main motive. We help you know about these certifications and help you attain them more easily. So, if you want any of the certification mentioned above or any other lean six-sigma-related services, contact us now!

Our experts are always there for you, and we would be delighted to solve any problem and help you know more about these lean six-sigma certifications.


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