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There is cutthroat competition among the businesses to be on the top. Lean Six Sigma approach is something that many organizations follow to maintain efficiency in their work, leading to their success. Let us help you understand what it is all about.

LSS Alabama-Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

What is Lean Six Sigma?

Lean aims to reduce operational waste, and Six Sigma helps in maintaining efficiency, reducing variation in the processes, and improving quality. Lean Six Sigma is a blend of these two methodologies. Organizations use it to maintain efficiency, smoothness, and effectiveness.

It also helps them in solving problems, defining solutions, and improvement in the company’s processes.

Ans. Below are the Lean Six Sigma Principles:

  • Work towards customer satisfaction
  • Remove variations in the work processes
  • Be flexible and adaptive towards changes in the business environment
  • Continuous improvement

Lean Six Sigma has a hierarchy system of certifications. To achieve a Six Sigma certification, you must get-go through these levels of certifications: -

  • Six Sigma White Belt
  • Six Sigma Yellow Belt
  • Six Sigma Green Belt
  • Six Sigma Black Belt

LSS Green Belt is one of the advanced levels of certifications. Interested in knowing what it is? Read along.

Ans. In today's world, quality is the most important aspect of the business. If your company has a system that enables you to produce better quality products and ensures efficiency, it is a competitive advantage. LSS Green Belt is one such system.

Lean Six Sigma green belt focuses on improving the organization's performance with the collective efforts of the team by reducing waste activities. A Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certified will get a deep understanding of the various phases of D-M-A-I-C. Let us know what it is.

Ans. Its short form for Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control. D-M-A-I-C is a quality management strategy that is used to enhance the performance of your organization. It works by improving the quality of the processes and bettering the quality of management. It is an amazing option for people who want to work in the quality management sector.

Ans. There are plenty of benefits of being a Green Belt. Whether you are a huge organization with many employees or an individual, it is going to benefit you in every way. Some of them are mentioned below:

Strategic benefits - The Green Belt Certified professionals are trained in handling the projects using a strategic approach. Every organization has a green belt certified individual who will really be benefitted. This is because they would have learned how to treat and handle complex matters with professionalism as a part of their training program.

It will help your organizations in making the right decisions in lesser time. Apart from making decisions and finding solutions for the problems, the green belts will also find the root cause of the error.

Financial benefits - With the implementation of Lean Six Sigma techniques and Green Belt Certified skills, and it will become easy to complete the projects efficiently. It also reduces the operational costs because there will make fewer deviations in the processes, and thus, less money would be spent on correcting the errors.

Usually, there are reserve funds to get the projects completed on time and fulfill the customer's expectations and get positive results. But, with the implementation of the Green Belt Six Sigma Green Belt principles, there might also not be a need to use that reserve fund.

Customer benefits – The Green Belts will make sure that the services and products provided to the customers are of good quality. This would increase customer satisfaction and their loyalty towards you. These days, customers have become very aware of the quality standards.

Most customers tend to work with the companies that implement the Lean Six Sigma principles. If your organization has Lean Six Sigma Green Belts, it will increase your company's reliability and bring new customers too.

Competitive advantage – When your employees will be Lean Six Sigma Green Belt trained and certified, it will be like an achievement for your company. You can use this achievement to advertise your company and demonstrate how your company is better than your competitors.

Ans. Whether you’re an individual or an employee as long as you fulfill the prerequisites, you can apply for the Green Belt certification. People looking for a boost in their careers can also choose the Green Belt certification. However, getting certified isn't easy.

But with proper training and consultation, things can get simpler. Come to Six Lean Sigma Experts of Alabama. We are a licensed, certified, and trustworthy Lean Six Sigma Training and Consultation company in Alabama.

Lean Sigma Experts of Alabama

There are many Lean Six Sigma training companies in Alabama, but you must only invest your time and money in a well-experienced company like us. We have:

  • Amazing training sessions – How you are trained for the certification matters a lot. We have the best training sessions. Our expert trainers will have practical methods to train you and will make sure that they make the sessions interactive.

This helps in clearing maximum doubts and gives a better understanding. Our company also provides Lean Six Sigma training to the school students. If you are looking to train your school students, register with us now.

  • Consultation Sessions – We invest enough time in the consultation sessions with our clients. This helps us understand the importance of any particular Lean Six Sigma certification they are interested in. 
  • Affordable and high-quality services – We, Lean Six Sigma Experts of Alabama, believe in providing quality services at affordable prices. It’s the reason we are one of the number one Lean Six Sigma companies in Alabama.

One of the best ways to grow your company is by implementing the Lean Six Sigma principles. Come to us and apply today for your Lean Six Sigma certification. For more information, contact us on our helpline.


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